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Goal for end of august

July 28, 2008

because lets face it, without deadlines and pressure, procrastination will surely set in and its the end of the world. I’m going to set the goal of finishing my Cocoa Programming book by the end of next month. More to come about my random frustrations.

Status? I’m currently on page 117, learning about Delegates, wahoo!


iPhone post

July 22, 2008

Ya, wordpress finally came to the app store and I am testing it out. Yeah!

Long absense, what the heck am I doing these days, and First impression of OS X development as a hobby

July 17, 2008

Long absense

Ok, so there are a few reasons why I haven’t updated this blog in such a long time, let me first start by enumerating a list of excuses followed by what the heck I’m actually doing with my spare time these days.

1. I actually forgotten the password to this account. Through lots of digging through my old email accounts, I was fortunately able to find the password and tada! I am hack the system. No really, I changed the password to something I can actually remember now.

2. Final year of school has been quite hectic. Nothing beats the pressure to graduate like studying like mad and not blogging about random tech experiences. 

Really, that’s all the reasons I can think off my head.

The heck am I doing these days

As for what am I actually doing these days. I’ve been applying to a few places looking for a position as a web developer (It’s something I’ve done during the summer and to my amazement, I actually enjoyed it). Though what’s been bugging me lately is the fact that I forwarded my utoronto mail to my gmail since I read that in order to keep my email domain, I’d have to set up forwarding. Turns out the University of Toronto email forwarding isn’t exactly.. the best thing in the world. Both a friend and I are having the same problems, where emails being sent are stuck in forward mail limbo. Time to fire a email to the email help desk at U of T and see what the heck is going on.

Also, I’ve finally picked up an iPhone (well, I got it the day it was released so it’s not really finally). But having an actual data plan actually makes the fun much more enjoyable to use (and much more expensive in my wallet). I’ve been using the 1st generation iPhone without a dataplan and making sure I don’t use edge data was a very brutal experience.

iPhone, App store and First impression of development on OS X

In any sense, I’ve been poking around at the app store to see what developers has been making. While some apps are truely amazing (Shazam being one of them, where it listens to a song for about 15 – 20 seconds and then does some magic music searching through its databases and gives you the name of the song with a very scary level of accuracy). Others… are not so great; who the hell builds a flash light app where the screen turns white and tries to sell it for 99 cents? Seriously, why would you spend 99 dollars on Apple’s developers program just to write an app that probably took 5 minutes to write (granted, I’m being naive, it probably took about 10 minutes to find the command to make the screen white) and expect that people are going to pay a dollar for it? 

Now that that’s off my chest, There still seems to be a problem. Up until this date, there doesn’t seem to be a ToDo list application that actually sync’s with the iCal todo list (that, or I’m just plain bad at reading and googling it up). So what I’ve decided to do was attempt to write such a program myself.

I expect to run into a lot of road blocks, but before I can even tackle a project like this, I first need to learn a bunch of things in order to even develop on the Mac.

So my goals for the next few weeks (something to keep me occupied and productive while I’m job searching):

1. Learn how to develop applications on the mac.

2. Move on and learn how to develop applications on the iPhone.

3. Commence work on the ToDo list application.

I bought a book before graduation called ‘Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X‘. Unlucky for me, the 3rd edition wasn’t out when I bought it so I have the 2nd edition.  What are the differences? Apple decided to move a bunch of stuff and change a few things in Xcode (their developer tool) which made the first program they made in the book (a random number generator) a complete pain. In the end, I followed a guide on the online guide (which made a currency converter, nothing fancy with web services, but its a great starter app). 

So after writing the Currency Converter, I was able to successfully cross reference any changes that was made between Xcode of the past vs the newest version which I have right now (3.1). I also spent a bit of time learning Objective-C, it wasn’t long, but getting used to some weird square bracketing syntax definitely made my head spun a bit at first.

From scratch, it wasn’t much work at all writing some Objective-C and hooking things up between the Interface builder and the controller. The wow factor wasn’t as big as I’ve been poking at .NET for the past 2 weeks, so lots of interface’ing and hooking things together there. 

One cool thing that I did find with Xcode was with the debugger. In the middle of debugging, you can edit the source code and click ‘fix’, in which the code will continue to run with the fixed code. I was printing a bunch of dates one day apart and then ‘fixed’ it halfway though to be 2 days ago. And the final print screen printed it all out with 1 days apart, then the fix’a’roo, to 2 days apart. I’m sure this will come in handy when I enter one of those deep debugging trance of mine.