Life being organized

Well, I wouldn’t consider (in my first 3 years of my undergraduate studies) to be pretty organized. I usually remember due dates when my friends remind me I have an assignment due and anythign else I really just hammer into my head and hope its still there when the day comes.

This year is different, after a summer of hard work and staying organized; I knew this year is going to be a lot more work due to my applications, my solution? I have my laptop on me pretty much 24/7 and I don’t like GoogleCalendar because I need internet access for that (though there is an application on the mac that will allow me to sync my iCal with google calendar.. but its not free). So I decided to use iCal, addressbook and anythign else that pops up. I also picked up an iPhone to make my calendar that much more convenient to use (though it has no todo lists, something apple really botched on, and no.. I didn’t get the iPhone just for the calendar, its quite fun to use.. but thats another entry).

So, 2 weeks into school and what can I say is wow. The difference vast, but still the same in some ways. I love the fact that I know exactly whats up every week, planning things and keeping them is easier than ever now. Though there are things that are the same:

Using a calendar will not magically make the work go away; no, if anything, theres slightly more work to do, keeping yourself organized and whatnot. You still have the same workload… infact, if you organize everything, you may realize that you actually do a lot more than you think after putting it all down in a to-do list and on the calendar. So using a calendar won’t make the stress of work magically go away, but it does drastically reduce it. I am no longer panicking last minute for an assignment, but now I’m worrying about an assignment 1 or 2 weeks in advance; I think its healthy. Things get done way earlier now and you realized.. yes, I do have things I should be working on.

So what have I learned really? I shoulda been doing this all along, walking out of my undergrads with this kind of skill is essential… oh, I still have to find myself a Ninja costume for halloween (on the todo list), I better get on that.



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