Some bizzare dropdown firefox rendering

So I am playing around with the Comment creation system in Online Marking Tool, the weeks are winding down, but if theres one thing I want to push personally, is to make the comment creation system a bit simplier; since beside the nifty UI changes, speeding up the system. I feel that pushing back the File Body had to be done, but that also meant not touching the comment creation system which most of the TA’s werent as happy about. So what am I going to do? I’m going to add a dropdown box and adding a file creation box.

I’m still (even after 3 months ish) consider myself an expert with HTML; but I do say I’m comfortable enough to augument things. So when I was adding a dropdown box, I forgot to enclose it within a form. Needless to say, it gave me some bizzare rendering with firefox.


All seems fine, it displays properly.. but If I were to select any item with a length of greater than the first element…


It gets cut off.. some of the options would show up as a blank string. Now, I’m scratching my head wondering.. what in the world?! I popped the same thing into Opera and surprise, it works. I didn’t try Safari since the current version of TurboGears I’m using has some unicode issues that causes it not to render properly (the newer TurboGears fixes this, but messes up with some of the Alchemy behavior and fails our tests because of it). I guess I’m lucky it didn’t take me more than 20 minutes to figure this one out, or else I’d be scratching my head for so long, hair would start falling off.


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