Some bizzare javascript render’er

I’m not sure what exact was the cause of this, but olm had a few pages which closes the tags using:

<script src=”blah blah” type=”text/javascript />

Which, is valid xhtml, but for some reason, firefox on my computer wasn’t playing very nice; It wasn’t rendering the script at all. On the other hand, Martin’s computer had firefox and it was running just fine. After comparing the output of his view source with my view source, it turned out that the problem was my line ending wasn’t the same as his, his is rendered with the explicit closing tag.

<script src=”blah blah” type=”text/javascript></script>

Kind of bizzare, Opera renedered the pages fine with the shorthand closing tags. It could possibly be some plug in I have installed, but I dont know, all the plugins I got are debuggers: firebug, javascript debugger, and the Selenium IDE.


2 Responses to “Some bizzare javascript render’er”

  1. Blake Winton Says:

    Just as a question, were the closing quotes after “text/javascript missing in your source as well, or was that a typo when you copied it to the blog entry?

  2. tonyyiu Says:

    oh it was a typo:



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